Next Bite S.E.L.C.O. Boost 4fl oz (125ml)

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Fish Superfood and Nutritional Boost

Next Bite S.E.L.C.O Boost is scientifically formulated to improve overall fish health, boost fish colors and increase appetite in even the pickiest fish.

S.E.L.C.O Boost is a high quality self-emulsifying liquid concentrate, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, stabilized vitamins, Allicin/Alliin (the active ingredient enzyme in garlic) and a proprietary blend of appetite stimulants, carotenoids and probiotic.


Soak dried, pellet, flake or live food including brine shrimp in S.E.L.C.O Boost for a minimum of five minutes before feeding to aquarium fish. Ideal for newly added specimens.

Keep Refrigerated

For Aquarium use only, not for human consumption

Made in USA

Item #NB9604